• Fits all 10" tablets and smaller
  • Folds flat for easy transport
  • weighs only 3 lbs
  • 70/30 beamsplitter mirror with Anti-reflection coating on back
  • works with most cameras
  • Fits all tripods
  • two year warranty
  • works with a variety of apps from the Apple or Android app stores
  • has bands to hold you tablet in place
  • Mirror is removable for cleaning
  • Only 1.4 Inch thick
  • Looks like a professional Teleprompter
  • Optional 15mm Mount system*
  • Telmax Teleprompters first Fold-and-Go Teleprompter.

    15 reasons to buy the iTab Prompter

    #1 It is small and portable.
    #2 It folds flat as a book.
    #3 It works free standing (on its own stand).
    #4 It works with all 10" and small tablets including smart phones.
    #5 This teleprompter won't interfere with you shot when zoomed all the way out.
    #6 It can be adapted at any 15mm rail system.
    #7 It has removable mirror for fast cleaning.
    #8 it is machined out of durable UV resistant plastic.
    #9 It has 70/30 beamsplitter mirror for minimal light loss.
    #10 It has a wide mouth open for camera lens with a synch cord.
    #11 works with almost every teleprompter app
    #12 It has band slots for securing whatever device you are using.
    #13 It has durable metal hinges that will last forever.
    #14 You can produce video looking directly into the camera lens while reading text.
    #15 It has a lifetime warranty.

    Introducing the all new Telmax Teleprompter iTab Teleprompter for that apple iPad and Android Tablets. It is super light weight folds flat and is only 1.4" thick. It is so light that it hardly adds any weight to you camera setup and is extremely portable.

    The iTab Prompter allows you to scroll words directly in front of your camera lens so that while you are recording your eyes are looking right at the lens of the camera while you, our your subject, is reading text that is scrolling on the two-way mirror.

    It can work free standing, meaning that it sits on its own tripod in front of your camera, or camera mounted where it is attached directly to your camera and shares the same tripod. In order to use the iTab Prompter camera mounted you need to add the rail system option while checking out.

    The fabric hood is held to the teleprompter mirror by velcro that goes completely around the mirror, not just small strips here and there like other prompters. The hood creates a cone shaped enclosure that completely blocks our the light above and below the lens of your camera creating the brightest reflection possible.

    This prompter works with all 10" tablets and smaller, it will even work with your smart phone. No other tablet based teleprompter will give you as much flexibility and quality at this price.

    *Being that rail system can be configured in a multitude of ways additional hardware my be required if you are fitting the iTab Prompter to you existing rail system.

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