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15MM Rail System Adjustable Camera / Tripod Mount with Release plate

  • Works with all 15mm rigs
  • Adjusts from 3.5" to 5.5" (89mm to 139mm)
  • 5" (127mm) long Tripod with a series of 3/8-16 and 14-20 threaded holes
  • Built out of light weight Aluminum
  • Includes long quick-release plate
  • has vertical and horizontal leveling bubbles
  • Manufactured by Telmax Teleprompters, in Vero Beach, FL.

The new 15VM (15mm Vertical Mount) By Telmax Teleprompters is one of the most durable and rigid 15mm rod accessories on the market. It is built of of 6061 machined aluminum and has a brilliant powder-coated finish.

It works with all 15mm rod systems and adjust up and down 4" giving the maximum travel for camera height changes. This mount will allow you to quickly make camera position changes for shots with different camera or rig accessories.

It features our new camera mount with release plate eliminating the need for a screw/knob configuration that was previously used on certian models.