This is the new Adjustable Vertical Mount System for the Telmax® GS, GSE, Pro-iP, and Universal Tablet PC Teleprompter.

This Upgrade has to be bundled with your teleprompter purchase and will replace the standard vertical mount system.

The Adjustable Vertical mount (AVM™) is not necessary, the teleprompter listed above will work with any size camera with it; however, it does simplify the use of the teleprompter.

The AVM™ replaces the Standard Vertical Mount with four linear sliding columns that simplify the way that the camera is raised or lowered to position the lens with the center of the mirror once the mirror is positioned at a 45 degree angle.

The AVM™ System will save you time with setup and teardown.

They way it works is simple. Loosen four thumb knobs and raise or lower the plate that supports the camera (Top Plate™), once you have it set where you want it, simply tighten them back up.