Introducing the all new DSLR Lens Guard for the TELMAX Galaxy Series Teleprompter’s.

Due to the high demand from our customers we have engineered a highly functional 5” round lens guard to sit over the lens of your camera so the hood from the Teleprompter won’t interfere with the operation of the lens focus and zoom.

The way the guard works is to give the hood something else to fasten to other than the lens of the Camera.

Simply put the Lens Guard on the front of your teleprompter, wrap the hood around it and pull the cinch cord until there is only an opening small enough for the lens of your Camera.

Slide your camera slightly inside of the opening and tighten it down. 

That is all there is to it.  Now, you can freely adjust the focus and zoom of your lens without the hood getting in the way.

This guard is the first of its kind, no other Teleprompter manufacture currently offers a solution like this for the use of your DLSR camera on a Teleprompter.

The DSLR Teleprompter Lens Guard will work for any Camera or Camcorder that you don’t want to attach the Teleprompter hood, for example a small hand held Camcorder that does not have a good place to attach the hood to with be a perfect camera to use with this guard.