Best Teleprompter to Buy

What is the best teleprompter to buy?

This is the question that we get asked all the time. What is the best teleprompter for me? Well, there are a lot more choices today than there were when we started manufacturing teleprompters in 2007. So we can understand how overwhelming this decision can be.
We have created this guide to help you determine which one is best for you, and hopefully help ease the anxiety of sorting through pages and pages looking for information.

First things first

When you are searching for a teleprompter you need to know what the intended use will be. for example if you are using it for making videos then you will need a camera mounted teleprompter, if you are using it for giving speeches, then you will need a presidential style teleprompter.


Next, what device or computer are you planning to use to run the teleprompter? We always recommend using a PC or Mac desktop or laptop to run you teleprompter so you can have the robust functionality of a studio style teleprompter like our G2 or T2 Series Teleprompters, but an many cases you may want to use a tablet or iPad to run your prompter. In that case you would be look at one of our tablet or iPad Teleprompters, however iPad and Tablet Style teleprompter have software limitations and distance limitations compared to studio series teleprompters.

Tablets or Laptops

Isn't iPad and Tablets Teleprompter better than laptop based teleprompters? The answer to this question is no. Studio series teleprompters that use robust teleprompter software like ZaPrompt Pro will give you the same functionality and features that you would find in professional video production studios and television stations. When you choose a tablet teleprompter you usually pay less, but you really give up a lot. Most tablet teleprompters are limited to a 10 to 12 foot reading distance, and the teleprompter apps lack the robust functionality that you can find on a desktop software.
Now, an iPad Teleprompter might be perfect for you if you are not doing productions where you need studio like control of the scrolling text, or where close-up shots are adequate for you.

iPad and Tablet based teleprompters do have their place and are perfect in many situations. one of the great features of this setup is that the device attaches direct to the teleprompter and serves and the computer that runs the software and the display for the teleprompter. This eliminates the need for cables and in short productions power cables to be run to the iPad or Tablet. Also, many of the apps today have some type of wireless capability that will allow the user to connect and control the scrolling text with another device such as an iPhone.

Quality Matters

Quality is most important! When buying a teleprompter quality is king. There are so many cheaply built teleprompters on the market today. Many of the are built from plastic and wood. The teleprompter is the last optical component between your camera lens and your subject and choosing a cheap product will cheapen the outcome of you shot.
So what should you look for in quality? Make sure that the teleprompter you choose is coming from a company that has been around for a while. We have seen several teleprompter companies come and go over the past several years and we get calls all the time from people that purchased something and need some type of replacement part or repair that isn't available anymore. Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. has been manufacturing teleprompters right her in the United States since 2007 and have worked hard to provide the best possible customer service and support. Next, what material is the unit built out of? Wood, plastic, Bamboo, cardboard, metal, aluminum, etc.. I think you get the point. Try to avoid a poorly built teleprompter at all costs, because most of these teleprompters are put together in someone's garage by someone who has very little experience or knowledge about the required characteristics of a prompter.


The BeamSplitter mirror is the last thing that your camera lens sees before the talent and should be at or above the quality of the lens of your camera. Many cheap teleprompters utilize two way mirrors that are not optic grade and were not intended to be used for anything remotely resembling a teleprompter. You see this type of mirror all the time as safety glass at conveniences stores. The are intended as two way mirrors for security purposes only.
A true optic grade beamsplitter mirror was specifically designed to have certain characterisitics and a certain quality standard has been set. These mirrors are used in telescopes and microscopes and may other optical devices that require them to be pure, even, and free of any impurities or scratches. The process of making BeamSplitter mirror (the real stuff) is completely different from the process used for making cheap two way mirror. Keep in mind that the quality of the teleprompter mirror has a direct impact on the quality of your video.

Next, what does the teleprompter physically look like? Would you rather have a professional looking teleprompter like one built by Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. or would you rather have a flimsy looking wooden or plastic garage building contraption sitting in front of your camera lens? This should be a no-brainer. If you want an impressive looking production setup, you should use a product that is engineered by a teleprompter engineering company and looks like it was actually manufactured to look like it is a professional piece of film equipment especially of you have other people admiring our set-up.

American made

It is really important to you that you buy your teleprompter from an American Manufacture. Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. is one of your only solutions. We are the only company in the United States that professionally manufactures all of our products at our own facility located in Vero Beach, FL. When you purchase a Telmax Teleprompter, you are supporting an American made product and helping to bust and promote manufacturing in America. By supporting Telmax Teleprompters, you are helping to assure manufacturing jobs for some of the greatest hard working Americans who are committed to producing the highest quality of products at the lowest possible price. In addition, Telmax Teleprompters, has the best customer support of any teleprompter company. When you need help we will be there to support you and your mission.