Teleprompter Tips and Tricks!

by Edward Gilbert

Watch for our teleprompter tip of the day!

Telmax Teleprompters introduces our new tip of the day teleprompter blog where you can get useful information about using and setting up Telmax Teleprompters hardware and software and general teleprompter practices that can be helpful no matter what prompter you are using.
We hope that you find the information on this page useful and if you have any special requests let us know, we would be glad to create a tip for you based on exactly what you want to know.

What do you want to know about your teleprompter?

If you have any suggestions for this page please let us know, we would like to provide as much information as possible to help you achieve the best possible production when using our products. Hopefully with your input and feedback we will be able to produce the best teleprompter information blog available.


by Edward Gilbert

Here are some FAQ's about Telmax Teleprompters


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Telmax Teleprompters are sold all over the world by various resellers, visit our dealer page to learn more.


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