by Edward Gilbert

Here are some FAQ's about Telmax Teleprompters


There are two main types of teleprompters and then severely styles based on them. The first on are the type that are used only for giving speeches where the teleprompter is positioned on a stand in front of a subject on a stage. It allows the subject to read from teleprompters without the viewing audience seeing that text.
Next are camera mount teleprompters that are used for creating videos where the teleprompter sits in front of the camera lens, between the subject and the camera. All the subject can see are the words scrolling in the teleprompter mirror, but they are actually look directly into the lens of the camera because it is positions behind the mirror.
BeamSplitter Mirror is a special glass that has an optical coating on one side that adds a reflective layer.
It is rated by the amount of light that passes through the glass vs. that amount of light that is reflected. So 70/30 BeamSplitter mirror allows 70 percent of the light to pass and 30 percent to reflect.
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