Cheap Teleprompter

Cheap Teleprompter?

When it comes to selecting that last piece of hardware that sits between your subject and the lens of your camera, do you really want to use the word cheap teleprompter to describe it?

The word cheap implies that something is inferior in some way causing it to be "cheap". Noting that we manufacture falls into that category.

Perhaps a better search phrase would have been "high-quality low-cost teleprompter", or "affordable quality teleprompter" because you probably really don't want a cheap teleprompter.

what is a cheap teleprompter

What is better than a cheap teleprompter?

Search terms and misleading images don't even come close to getting you with the right teleprompter to fit your needs. If you don't already know.the mirror on the teleprompter is the last optic component between your camera lens and subject. Quality does matter!

If you are looking for a "cheap teleprompter" there are tons to choose from but if you are looking for a high-quality low-cost teleprompter solution there are few.

Telmax Teleprompters has been the leading manufacturer of high quality, low-cost teleprompters since we introduced the world's first consumer priced teleprompter in 2007. No other company has been committed to providing the level of quality and customer service that we have.

Most of the teleprompters being distributed today are cheap knock-offs of what we started all those years ago. Most of them come from China and are flimsy, poorly designed, have horrible mirror quality, and the worst part is that consumers are eating them up completely oblivious that they are junk, never know what they are missing without a quality product, but not satisfied with their new cheap teleprompter.

If you are looking for a teleprompter stay away from the words cheap teleprompter and look for one that is American made, durable, reliable, and affordable then take a look a the Telmax Teleprompter catalog. All of our products are built with the consumer in mind. Quality and customer service are the foundation of our company.

Our Found Edward Gilbert in 2007

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