G2 Series Teleprompter

The G2 is the best Studio Teleprompter in its classG2-17-camera-mounted-teleprompter-frontal-view

The best selling studio teleprompter is the G2 Series which is our middle of the road professional camera mount teleprompter that is designed to work with all size camera and all size tripods. The G2 series teleprompter is one of the best selling prompters in the industry and can be found on main stream televisions series like HBO's Veep to the production studio in an amateur video producers basement. It is perfect in every way for every job.
It is light weight, has an adjustable mirror angle and is easy to set up and use.


The AVM Camera Mount

The G2 Series Teleprompters features our AVM mount that is fully adjustable to accommodate any camera size, there is no need for spacers, or wired shaped metal brackets. The mount has four tension knobs on the side that allows you to easily raise or low the camera for on-the-fly adjustments.

Your camera can also be adjusted forward or backwards until you have the perfect alignment with the mirror, the objective is to have the camera lens perfectly aligned with center of the mirror and the weight of the entire unit perfectly balanced on your tripod.


Reversing Monitors vs. Non-Reversing Monitors

At telmax teleprompter we sell both reversing and non-reversing monitors on our teleprompter but in the modern age of computers reversing monitors are though to be out dated. It use to be that the only way you could reverse the image for on the mirror of the teleprompter is to reverse the image in the monitor itself. Today this is all done with software and works just as good if not better. The reality is that reversing monitors are super expensive and for an average video producer not even necessary. However, if your project requires a reversing monitor we will gladly provide that to you as well.

60/40 vs 70/30 Beamsplitter Mirror

So what is this number? It is a ratio of how much light is reflected and how much is transmitted to the lens of your camera.

On some sites they will try to convince you that taking more light away from your camera lens is a good idea. This is only a marketing stunt and absolutely not true. Telmax Teleprompters has been engineering teleprompter for ten years and for most of these ten years choose to use 70/30 beamsplitter mirror. The reason for this is that due to a property of light know as Brewster's Angle that states that when a semi-transparent beamsplitter is tilted at an angle to the light source (like a teleprompter) that the reflectivity is increased and the transmittance is decreased significantly.
Think of the ration of Beamsplitter like a pair of sunglasses. The higher the reflectivity the lower the transmittance, so if you put on a pair of glasses that black out 40 percent of the light they everything is darker that if you put on a pair of glasses that block out 30 percent of the light. Now someone might try to convince you that the reflection is the most important part of a teleprompter, and in some respects that is true, but what is truly important is the amount of light and color that passes through that mirror to your camera lens. That is the most important thing when it comes to video quality.

You can compensate for light loss by adding more light to the scene. So in the above example by adding 30% more light to the middle image it would look like the first image with no light loss. There are other factors that play into this also, for example you camera's F-Stop can changed to compensate for light loss, and most prosumer and consumer cameras do this automatically however if the F-stop changes to much the image will start to get grainy.

G2's are ready to use right out of the box!

G2 Teleprompters are ready to use right out of the box. Simply install the mirror and you are ready to go. Set-up is a breeze and just about anyone can operate it.

ZaPrompt Pro Software

The G2 series teleprompter include ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter software which is one of the most advance teleprompter software on the market. It has feature built into it that aren't available anywhere else and the best part is that it is extremely easy to use. Within a few minutes you will be running your teleprompter like a champ.