How Can a Portable Teleprompter Make Video Production Easier?

How Can a Portable Teleprompter Make Video Production Easier?

It is extremely important in the broadcasting industry to have a highly reliable portable teleprompter system. There are several components to consider.

First, good quality, reliable teleprompter software will make your production so much easier. ZaPrompt Pro 2.0 is the industry software of choice for many Fortune 500 companies.

Good teleprompter software will make your job easier because it lets news outlets all over the country develop stories fast. Editorial people in the control room are able to write and edit stories very quickly. The stories are then zipped to the software, and in a flash, the talent is reading the information in the broadcast.

Also, top software in video production lets video editors edit video to script very easily. This way the video team and the entire staff cam keep pace with script changes. This keeps your production team in business, and keeps them on top of the competition.

Good software to ease your video production will have:

  • A script editor built in
  • A function to check spelling
  • Find and replace capability
    A setting to change font and background coloring
  • Margins that are adjustable
  • Jump to line features
  • A bookmarking feature
  • Font size and alignment that are adjustable

You should avoid free video editing software for your teleprompter, as it is often of low quality.

Save Time

Next, your teleprompter will cut back the time it takes to produce your video production. Why? Because it removes the chance that the talent will forget lines, and reduce retakes. This saves you time but also a good deal of money.

Boost Quality

The talent before the camera has plenty to worry about. They should not need to worry about forgetting their lines. Actors will never have to worry about this again with a quality portable teleprompter, such as the Telmax G215 . Fewer missed lines means faster production time for you.

Easy to Use

These devices are usually quite easy to walk around with, and are simple to assemble. You usually just assemble a few poles and put the mirror at the top in front of the camera. And, the operator will need to align the screen with the mirror (this is quite easy), then you are ready to begin your production.

Last, it is quite challenging for an actor to deliver a long speech on camera. A portable teleprompter in your video production makes this a snap. The speaker has all of the lines right before their eyes. Then the speech can be wrapped up in just one take. And, as a bonus, this makes your video production look much more professional. Your speakers are not reading their lines from scraps of paper. A high-quality teleprompter, such as the Telmax G2-19, will make your next video production go very smoothly.