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After the introduction of the iPad and other tablets PC’s, and new type of teleprompter emerged that allowed these devices to be used in place of the conventional monitor on a teleprompter.
Today you will find Table Teleprompters sold everywhere and the idea of using a tablet as a Teleprompter does seem kind of cool. Or is it?
Three things you should know about buying a teleprompter.

iPad and Tablet teleprompters are smaller
No matter what anyone has told you, what determines how far you can be away from a Teleprompter totally determined by the size of the display, not the mirror. Because tablet screens are so small, by using one as a Teleprompter Monitor, you will be limited on how far back you will be able to be away from the Teleprompter.

Creating and loading script can be cumbersome using an iPad or Tablet based Teleprompter
If you have not already use an iPad or Tablet Teleprompter app there are some things you should be aware of. Most iPad and Tablet Apps are a bit cumbersome when it comes to leading and editing scripts. Think of the process like this. You create a script on you PC or laptop, now you want to us it in the iPad or Tablet Teleprompter app. How do you get it there? Well, you can email it to yourself, you can use dropbox or some other cloud bases service, or you could retype the entire script on your tablet using your thumbs. No matter which way you choose, there is no straight forward way of getting a script from you PC or Desktop computer to the tablet.

Controlling the scrolling text is a problem using an iPad or tablet teleprompter
Many apps (software for tablet Teleprompters) are designed for the user to set one continuous speed for the talent to see. Being that we don’t talk at one constant speed all the time, it appears unnatural to see someone speaking on video like that. Some apps allow the user to control the scrolling text by connecting two devises together, for example an iPhone and an iPad. This is done through a network connections. With his configuration one devise sits on the Teleprompter and the other in the hands of some who is controlling this speed. Using this setup imagine the added steps to the already cumbersome process of loading a script to the Teleprompter. Now you have to load the script and make a network connection between two devises.

What other choice do you have?

If you have read the above listed items and are still convinced that a tablet based teleprompter is the best solution we welcome you to browse our “iPad and Tablet PC based teleprompters”, but if you want to know your other choices then here they are.
Three things to know about conventional Teleprompters

Conventinal Teleprompter are bigger and easier to read
Because conventional Teleprompters have their own monitors they are not limited to size in the same way a tablet based Teleprompter is.
A conventional Teleprompter is the type you would see being used on your evening new or in a professional production studio. The way thy works is by connecting an external Laptop or desktop computer with a cable to the monitor attached to the Teleprompter. The monitor on the Teleprompter can vary in size form 11” to 20” and up. The most common size is 15” which is ideal for most Teleprompter applications.
Because of the large monitor the teleprompter can be read from a greater distance and you can fit more than one subject in front of the mirror at a time.

Loading scripts into Conventional Teleprompters is easy
Conventional Teleprompter are run off of a Laptop or Desktop computer using a special Teleprompter program which allows you to import, create, edit, and transfer scripts the same way you would with any other word processor program. This makes script management easy and efficient. If you need to make a quick change to the script on the set, it can be done effortlessly in seconds where using a Tablet devise could take several minutes for you to edit the script and move it back to the devise.

Controlling the scrolling text with a conventional Teleprompter is easy
Because conventional Teleprompters are run directly from your desktop or laptop computer it is extremely easy control the scrolling speed of the text. This is the same system used by your Five O’clock news where the text is controlled perfectly as the news caster reads what is in front of them. The way that it normally works is that someone is sitting at the computer reading along with the subject making adjustments to the speed of the scrolling text to match the natural cadence of the subject. Other features of this type of program are the ability control the margins widths, font sizes, create bookmarks, and with some desktop software you can even train the script to act the way you want it to.

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