Presidential Style Teleprompter for public speaking

Presidential Style Teleprompters

Presidential Teleprompter?

A presidential teleprompter is also known as a speech teleprompter. It consists of two mirrors that are semi-transparent, each mounted on a small, thin stand, with each mirror set at a 45 degree angle. Under each, there is a monitor, which is set to reflect off of the mirror. The text from the monitor is visible on the mirror for the speaker to read. However, the text is not visible on the other side of the mirror because of the anti-reflective coating that is on it. When the speaker is speaking, he simply looks from one teleprompter to the other. This way, it appears that the speaker is looking at the audience while giving his speech. It appears that he is speaking spontaneously, when in reality he is simply reading what is on the screens.

A presidential teleprompter can be useful both with cameras and without. These devices are useful in particular when the speaker is talking to an audience and there is no need to speak right into a camera. Presidential teleprompters are used often these days so that a speaker can give a speech without referring to notes. This allows the person to maintain eye contact throughout the event and to make a more effective connection with the audience.

A good quality presidential teleprompter that is one of the better we have seen in its price range is the Telmax TSP2-17. This is one of the strongest, most stable and reliable teleprompters in this class. You will find that this device is extremely convenient and portable. It splits into three small components: the stand, monitor, mounts and mirror. It also includes the highly regarded ZaPrompt Pro software that assures your speech will display reliably and readably on the screen. It includes a large 17" LCD display for easy reading, and high quality 16"X14" beamsplitter glass for high readability.

Of course, we recommend Telmax teleprompters, which are relied upon for their durability and quality by firms including Marathon Oil, Whirlpool, Cox Communications, the US Army, and the Honda Motor Corp.