Vertical Counter Weight System

Vertical Counter Weight System

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The Telmax Cam-Slide system can go completely vertical and still be perfectly counterweighted. This system utilizes our proprietary pulley assembly and counterweight system—the Torpedo—that allows you to connect a high-tension nylon rope between the camera head and the counterweight and drape it over a unique smooth pulley assembly that sits on top of the slide. The back of the pulley system is extended far enough back so that the counterweight will not collide with your tripod and camera head as the Torpedo moves down

  • The VCWS (Vertical Counter Weight System) includes the following:
  • 3 X 2 1/2 lb weights
  • Torpedo Weight Holder
  • Pulley System
  • Connection Bolts
  • Connection Hardware
  • Connecting Tension Rope

This add-on is a must have if you plan on using the slider in a vertical position.

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