Studio Teleprompters

Telmax Studio Teleprompter Selection

Telmax Teleprompters is a manufacture of Teleprompters in Vero Beach, FL. All of your teleprompters are manufactured by us in our own factory.
We have created a wide selection of teleprompter ranging from sophisticated rail based teleprompters to simple two plate assemblies. So not matter what your prompter needs Telmax Teleprompters has your solution.
Our Studio Teleprompters are broke into three categories T2's, G2's, and Economy Series.

Our Studio Teleprompter Lines

The T2 Series Teleprompter is a rail-based teleprompter that utilizes 15mm rods which make it perfect for the "Rig Culture" where this type of configuration has become commonplace. What makes the rail based system so popular is that fact that it is so modular and many mount and accessories have been developed over the years to accommodate it.

Next is the G2 Series which is based on our proprietary AVM mount which allows being used with a wide range of cameras and every style of the tripod. It is portable, light weight, and price to be one of the most competitive teleprompters in its class.

Following the G2 is the new Economy Series Studio Teleprompter which is the most affordable studio prompter on the market and the best-designed teleprompter of its kind. It is quite a similar design to the G2 with the exception of the AVM. The Economy Series used one of two preset camera platform heights. You can learn more about this product by clicking on the link below.

Software Included with Studio Series Teleprompter

All of our studio teleprompter include ZaPrompt Pro one of the best prompter software's on the market. ZaPrompt Pro is designed to handle all the toughest prompting jobs but so simple to use that anyone can learn it in minutes. You can download a trial of the software and try it free for 30 days, and if you buy own of our Studio Teleprompters it is included free.

If you need help selecting any of our products feel from to send us an email, contact us via live chat, or pick up the phone and give us a call at 888 239 7130. One of our skilled staff will be happy to help you select the teleprompter that will be perfect for you production needs.