Teleprompter Software: Six Key Features To Look For

Teleprompter Software: Six Key Features To Look For

Teleprompter software programs that make it easy to insert text and other information into a teleprompter are available from various sources, and different models offer different features and functionality. Ease of use and reliablity are paramount when using a teleprompter during a speech or other real-time event, and it is not possible to adjust software when making a presentation.

Therefore, there are six key features to look for when choosing teleprompter software.

1) Plain and Rich Text Import and Export

You or your speechwriter probably uses Microsoft Word or a similar text editor program to compose your presentations, and when teleprompter software includes plain and rich text import and export there is no need to retype a Word document into your software. Instead you simply import it from the document, with any italics or colored text that you may have included in rich text for emphasis still included. Then, if changes have been made in the teleprompter software text window, these can be exported for further editing.

2) Spell Check

Spell check is a convenient feature that is highly recommended for teleprompter software, as it eliminates any misunderstandings or mispronunciations that can occur due to improper spelling.

3) Font and Background Coloring

You may want to be especially emphatic when making a presentation, and nothing says emphasis like red text on a yellow background. Or you may be making a presentation on a whiteboard and want to remember to use certain colors or to highlight while you write on it. Font and background coloring is therefore essential for teleprompter software.

4) Movable Lens Markers

You may want to see certain parts of your text on certain areas of your teleprompter screen. Movable lens markers in teleprompter software enable you to direct where your text will be shown so that you can easily read it from whatever angle is best for you.

5) Smooth Scrolling Text and Adjustable Speed

You want to be able to read your text at a speed that allows you to speak or otherwise present your text comfortably, and you need to be able to ensure that it scrolls smoothly down the screen no matter what speed you choose. Your teleprompter software must offer smooth and natural scrolling text with no jumps or delays, and the speed must be adjustable.

6) Jump to Line Feature

During your presentation, you are asked to repeat a certain point - and you must be able to find it very quickly so that you can respond to the request. A jump to line feature lets you find a line by number or by keyword, and it is essential for professional teleprompter software.

Teleprompter software that includes these six key features, and that is offered by a reputable firm which provides updates, service and support, is the best choice for professional speakers and others who rely on a teleprompter to guide them as they make oral and visual presentations.