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Tablet Teleprompter: Designed to Be Simple

From now on public speaking will never be a tough challenge for you. With our range of iOS and Android tablet teleprompters, you’ve got the unique opportunity to pick a display device that is designed to make sure your performance is as natural as possible. It is an autocue of this type that enables you to deliver a speech or make a presentation with confidence.

While being controlled by your tablet or smartphone, such a prompter will make things much easier when it comes to scrolling a script. This means you no longer need to use a laptop to deal with a text on the screen. With an iPad teleprompter, you will get an excellent solution for broadcasting, reporting, and other forms of public speaking.

Apart from better usability, a tablet prompter greatly adds to portability as it doesn’t require a laptop to be operated. This feature allows the unit to be transported and set up with ease, making it an ideal option for home and professional studios.

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly display device for simple applications with short scripts, the prompter of this type will be the very thing. With their benefits in mind, such autocues are designed to bring the presenter’s experience to the next level. That is why they are one of the most preferred options available in our selection.

Browse Our Catalog to Find the Prompter You Want

At Telmax, we are committed to bringing the latest innovations to our range of iPad prompters and other tablet-controlled devices. All models available in our lineup are created to help you with performing in public, whether it’s in a studio or a crowded place outside. They are extremely lightweight and foldable so that you won’t face any issues with their transportation to the location you need. What is more, their designs allow for camera adjustability and no-tool assembly.

When looking through our catalog, you will come across iPad Pro teleprompters and autocues for many other tablet models, including iPad Air. There are display devices that work well with all prompter apps available on the market today. It doesn’t matter what tablet you use, be it an Android or iOS-based one, you will find the right device for it at our store.

If design colors are of importance for you, Telmax provides you with many options to choose from. Some of our iPad Pro prompters feature the unique look, and that makes them special. At our store, you will find models that come in black, red, and gold.

All you need to forget about nervousness when speaking in public is to pick a teleprompter from Telmax. Enjoy the combination of simplicity and practicality with us!

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