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  • Fits most Camera bodies and styles
  • Readable up to 12 feet
  • Fits all tripods
  • Weighs only 11lbs
  • 12.75" X 11" Trapezoidal shaped 70/30 beamsplitter glass (Better than 60/40)
  • iPad not included
  • Software not included (can be purchased from app store)
  • Easy setup
  • Light weight
  • Portable

Pro-IP-XLM teleprompter for the IPad Mini. The Pro-IP-XLM uses a special iPad Mount that is designed for the iPad Mini. The Pro-IP-XLM has an 11" x 12.75" trapezodial shaped 70/30 beamsplitter mirror. Which is about 30% larger than the Pro-IP-EX. It is readable up to 12' making it is good for closeup and talking head shots. The larger mirror also gives you a wider viewing angle, for those shots where you can't be directly in front of the lens. The unique proprietary camera mount system, and large 4" opening in the mirror housing, allows you to quickly mount any size camera to the teleprompter. Setup is simple and quick making this teleprompter perfect for you if you need to be able to get in, set-up, shoot, and get out. Unlike a LCD style teleprompter, the Telmax PRO-IP-XLM does not come with a monitor or software.It is designed to work with your iPad Mini and one of the many great teleprompter applications currently available in the Apple App Store. Even if you already have a studio style LCD Teleprompter, a Telmax PRO-IP-XLM will make a great addition to your video production arsenal.