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PROIPEX Universal Smartphone / Tablet / iPad Teleprompter:


  • Works with all 10" and small tablets
  • Works with Smart Phones
  • Includes new iO360 universal tablet mount
  • Light weight only 6 lbs.
  • Portable
  • 9" X 11-1/2" trapezoidal beam-splitter mirror
  • Perfect for DLSR with long lenses and Small Camera
  • Device locks in cradle so it can't fall out
  • Metal Construction with Power-Coated Finish
  • Manufactured by Telmax Teleprompters in Vero Beach, FL.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free OnCue Remote Control

Free OnCue Prompter Remote Control

About the PRO-IP-EX iPad Teleprompter / Universal Tablet Telepropmter

The PRO-IP-EX is one of the most widely used and trusted iPad Teleprompters on the market today and is manufactured by Telmax Teleprompters in Vero Beach, FL.

New to this teleprompter starting 8/1/17 is the iO360 Universal Tablet mount that will work with all 10" and smaller tablets as well as smart phones. It makes it a perfect iPad Teleprompter, Android Teleprompter, and Smartphone Teleprompter.

The PRO-IP-EX has been around since iPad Teleprompters first showed up on the scene and has evolved over the years to accommodate the ever-changing design of the iPad.

With thousands sold worldwide, there is not another teleprompter of its kind that has been put through the customer satisfactions test as many times as the PRO-IP-EX.
Its sleek -- lightweight design and solid metal body set it apart from any other iPad teleprompter.
It is perfect for small and prosumer cameras and works perfectly with DSLR's.
It has a long upper sled mount making it ideal for DLSR cameras with longer lenses allowing the camera to set far back from the mirror.
The adjustable tripod mount and camera position make it a breeze to get the center of the weight over the tripod head so the teleprompter won't want to dive forward or backward during pan/tilt moves.
Weighing only six pounds and having a slim and compact design make it perfect for videographers on the go. It even fits perfectly in most carry-on cases.
The camera sits firmly on top of the teleprompter and the mirror enclosure is adjustable for centering the mirror with the camera lens.
The Tripod mount has both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes and can be adjusted almost the entire length of the teleprompter.
The PRO-IP-EX has an optic grade 70/30, 9" X 11-1/2" trapezoidal beam-splitter mirror that allows the maximum amount of light to pass through to the lens while ensuring that there is enough reflectivity for the scrolling text to stand out and be crisp and sharp.
The PRO-IP-EX has a beautiful black powder-coated finish that is as durable as the metal itself. It is almost virtually impossible to damage the finish assuring that it will always look great.
The mirror Enclosure is solid formed ABS Plastic and has a 4 1/2" opening in the back for your camera lens and has a really unique design giving the teleprompter a lot of character. There is a small fabric sock with a cinch cord to block out any light that may seep in around the lens and created visibility problems with the scrolling text. There is no fabric between the mirror and the lens of the camera making it impossible for a sagging piece of fabric to ruin an otherwise perfect shot.
The PRO-IP-EX is ready to use right out of the box. You literally only have to put on your tripod, mount the camera and tablet, and start using it. There not mount's or brackets to assemble, not screws to install, nothing.., simply take it out of the box and start using it.
Telmax has been manufacturing Teleprompters since 2007 and has developed a reputation of great customer service and the highest quality in the industry. In fact, every Telmax Teleprompters comes with a lifetime warranty protecting it against any factory defects.
No other iPad Teleprompter can offer you all these great features and come anywhere near our price.
Buy now and receive a free OnCue Prompter Remote control that will work with both OnCue Prompter and OnCue Prompter lite which are innovative teleprompter apps that can be found in the app store.

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