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  • Portable
  • Light weight - weighs almost nothing
  • Works with any 9.7" iPad and 10" tablets
  • Free standing
  • Upgradable to camera mounted
  • large 12" X 9.5" 70/30 beamsplitter mirror (70/30 is better than 60/40)
  • folds flat for easy transport
  • Works with all teleprompter apps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free Standing - sits on its own tripod - does not include rails

The SuperStar was designed to provide a low cost solution to our already successful iPad and Tablet teleprompter line-up. Like all of our products this teleprompter is manufactured in America by American workers.

The Telmax SuperStar teleprompter was engineered to the same high standards as all of our products. We used the highest quality hardware and mirror for this unit. Telmax has been manufacturing teleprompters for nearly ten years and have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. We make sure that when we build a product that it is upgradable in the future, allowing our customers to quickly adapt the teleprompter to whatever the current technology requires. There are plenty of low grade cheaply built teleprompters being sold today, but be assured that a Telmax Teleprompter does not fall in the category.

The SuperStar Standard Teleprompter is a free standing teleprompter that sits on its own tripod in front of your camera. This has the advantage of allowing you to quickly grab you camera to shoot something that doesn't require a teleprompter such as "B" roll.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to place you camera directly on the teleprompter you should look at the SuperStar Deluxe or one of the other great Telmax iPad Teleprompter solutions.

To use it you simply install one of the many iPad or Android apps on your device, load a script and place it in the cradle of the iPad. Many apps allow you to use another device like a smart phone to control the scrolling.

Once you talent is standing in front of the camera and the recording is on, you start to scroll the text. To the talent all they see is text scrolling on a peice of glass in front of the camera. As the read the scrolling text they are making direct contact with the lens of the camera.