Why a teleprompter made by a USA manufacturer?

American made Teleprompters

Why Are USA Manufacturer Made Teleprompters More Reliable?

There are some products that you can afford to skimp on, but teleprompters are not one of them. It does not matter where you buy such products as paper plates or most clothing items, but if you want a highly reliable piece of critical electronic equipment, you should buy it in the USA from a U.S. manufacturer.

There is no question that teleprompter quality of the products made within the United States is higher than from elsewhere in the world.

There are several reasons why this is so important and so true. When you are spending upwards of several thousand dollars on communications equipment, you want to make sure that your purchase will last you for many years. You want that teleprompter to work right and well out of the box, and in 10 years with minimal problems. Because as you know, you have plenty of stress to deal with already in video productions and public relations. The last thing on earth you want is to deal with the added stress of unreliable equipment.

A teleprompter built by an American manufacturer will not give you a constant list of problems that you have to worry about. A high-quality product, such as the Telmax GS-15 or GS-17, will give you years of perfect reliable use. There is no doubt that the craftsmanship of these American products far exceeds anything you can get in China.

An American-made, quality teleprompter is also very light in weight, and yet rock solid and strong. As you know, the weight of the device is a huge issue. The more weight, the more trouble it is for you to carry around from job to job.

Also, your American device will have all of the latest connections and technology on board. The latest gadgets, such as iPads, are very popular in Western countries, but in remote parts of the world where some teleprompters are made, they are far less common. Your foreign made teleprompter may not have the latest connections that you need.

Another aspect of a quality American company, such as Telmax, is that it has a responsive customer service system. If your Chinese teleprompter goes out on the set, how are you going to get in contact with the company that is 12 time zones away? Sure you may be able to get service in a few days or a week, but you need that device working now. American customer service is usually superior and much easier to reach.