Why is Beramsplitter Glass So Important to My Teleprompter

Why Is Beamsplitter Glass So Important to My Teleprompter

Teleprompter beamsplitter is important

A teleprompter reflects the text from a monitor screen down below to the beamsplitter glass angled at 45 degrees above. It is then read by the speaker or talent on camera. The camera is placed directly behind the beamsplitter glass. The camera sees through the glass but does not see the text on the front of the glass. This two way performance of beamsplitter glass is what makes the teleprompter work so well.

Of course, the quality of the beamsplitter glass is very important. It is essential that the glass have the utmost in clarity. The best teleprompter vendors use a very high quality optical glass for the beamsplitters. If you use inexpensive window glass in your teleprompter, you will be able to see the result on camera. The impurities of the glass will reduce the light that will transmit through the glass. This can cause problems with your color balance during the recording of your program or speech. It also can make the text more difficult to read for your on air talent.

Cutting corners on the beamsplitter glass is a bad idea because it can cause you problems during your shoot. Why would you want to worry about annoying technical problems with your equipment during your recordings? It is best to buy a high quality teleprompter with superior beamsplitter glass and never have to worry. Fortunately, there are manufacturers of affordable but high quality teleprompters on the market today.

Another consideration in the HD era is the fact that HD video brings every little imperfection in your video equipment to the forefront. The beamsplitter glass is one part of your video shoot’s optical path. So, you want to be sure that that piece of glass is absolutely perfect.

You can purchase high quality beamsplitter glass that has light transmission of 70% and reflection of 30%. You also can purchase glass with 60% light transmission and 40% reflection. It depends upon your particular situation and application.

We always recommend that you select a manufacturer of high quality teleprompters because you know that the beamsplitter glass being used is going to be of superior quality.