Why the Pros Use Teleprompters

If you have to give a speech or a presentation, memorizing it word for word obviously is difficult. Reading from prepared text is a possibility, but that means you spend a great deal of time looking down at your notes rather than at your audience. This is the biggest reason why professionals use teleprompters for their speech delivery.

Using a teleprompter for your speech means that you will actually be looking at your audience the entire time you are speaking. There really is a big difference in the effect of a speech depending upon whether the speaker is looking at your or at his speech.

Pros use teleprompters such as the Telmax GS-15 so effectively, sometimes you cannot even tell they are reading the speech. They almost seem to be speaking off the top of their head.

Reading one of these devices smoothly and effectively is not as easy as you might think. Most people do not read nearly as well out loud as they think. Also, the teleprompter breaks the speech up into a few words per line. The lines of the speech are scrolling about 10 feet away from you, and you will have lights on your face and a crowd staring at you. This is why pros practice reading off a teleprompter several times before they give a speech.

Some of the things that they do to read effectively include:

  • They do not focus too much on the individual words. People who are reading off one of these devices for the first time often will squint and stare at the words too much. The movement of the text can scare some people. It tends to make you want to read faster to make sure you do not miss anything. This means that you can end up making errors.
  • They look at the teleprompter very naturally, just as if they are looking at a person’s face. You should not be straining your eyes or face in any way when you are reading the speech.
  • They know their material. You absolutely must know the speech you are reading. If you know the script, you will read it much more naturally. If you are reading effectively, it will not appear to the audience that you are reading.
  • They use the device only as a guide. You cannot always read every single word as it is on the monitor. Everyone who reads off these devices makes errors. Make sure you know the script well so you can just adapt to the text as you go along.

If you follow these tips, soon you will be reading off your teleprompter like a pro.