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Show Supreme Confidence with Our Teleprompters

After breaking into the industry with flying colors in 2007, Telmax has already made a name for itself. Today we come up with the astonishing variety of teleprompter hardware, software, devices, and accessories of the highest quality. Our company places an increasing emphasis on maintaining the most rigorous manufacturing standards. It is our dedication and expertise that allow us to produce universal prompter units of various types.

For everyone, who finds it challenging to speak in public, a teleprompter serves as the go-to tool. While providing a speaker with a visual script, this device allows for more natural performance. Having such a prompter in front of you helps to boost your confidence and create a stronger bond with the audience. It is common to feel nervous under the pressure of public which often leads to losing train of thought or distraction. With the help of our teleprompter for online speech, you will look serenely confident and upbeat.

What Makes Our Products Outstanding?

Here we offer a great variety of studio, tablet, and presidential prompters for you to deliver eloquent speeches or shoot memorable commercial videos. Our devices are designed to unlock the full potential of your campaign owing to:

  • Unrivalled manufacturer’s reputation. Telmax boasts its experience and production capabilities. We have already implemented some innovative ideas that show the way to follow for others in the industry.
  • Compatibility with cameras of different sizes. Our company realizes the need to use fully adjustable teleprompter hardware. That is why we have designed the perfect one as early as in 2008.
  • Excellence of quality. Adopting the latest CNC machining technologies substantially contributes to design and reliability of our prompters.
  • Superior software. When running ZaPrompt Pro, teleprompters can handle longer texts, more extensive range of colors and fonts. Today this software package is deemed to be the best on the market.
  • Easiness of use and increased functionality. For instance, our tablet prompting systems can work with iPads eliminating the need for an operator to be tethered to a computer.

Steer Clear of Scrappy Notes and Cue Cards

Using a teleprompter for online performance will bring considerable benefits for amateur presenters as well as professional speakers. In addition to ensuring better eye contact with the audience and reducing the number of bloopers, prompting systems enable a person to maintain the same speaking pace. With our devices, you can set the speed of on-screen text messages according to the video length. Moreover, there is no point in memorizing a script to keep to the main ideas of your speech. When it comes to statistics, specifications, or proper names, it is particularly tricky. Telmax prompters display everything you need to mention during your speech.

Turn to Telmax for Advice

Although you will find a comprehensive description of every prompter in our catalog, it may be challenging to choose the right one. Our team is always ready to give you a few pointers on what model to pick. Do not hesitate to contact us by email, live chat or 888 239 7139.

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